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studio: MAK Marcin Kwietowicz | www.kwietowicz.pl
photo by: Łukasz Kowalski

Drugstore Usa

studio: Park Associati | www.parkassociati.com
photo by: Andrea Martiradonna

Drugstore Usa

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studio: atelier RZLBD [Reza Aliabadi] | www.rzlbd.com
photo by: Borzu Talaie

Drugstore Usa

studio: Marcos Bertoldi Arquitetos | www.marcosbertoldi.com.br
photo by: Alessandra Okazaki

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studio: kotaro horiuchi architecture | kotarohoriuchi.com
photo by: kotaro horiuchi architecture

studio: Zoom TPU | www.zoom.com.tr
photo by: Murat Alpgüven

studio: BRITO.RODRIGUEZ | www.britorodriguez.com
photo by: brito.rodriguez

studio: LA ERRERÍA * architecture office | www.erreria.com
photo by: LA ERRERÍA

studio: atelier RUA | www.atelierrua.com
photo by: atelier RUA

studio: Studio Laura Straßer | www.laura-strasser.de
photo by: Studio Laura Straßer


studio: ADARQ | www.adarq.net
photo by: ANDRÉ

studio: TOFU architects | www.tofu-ao.com
photo by: TOFU

studio: Maciej Nowicki
photo: UN

studio: GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten | www.graux-baeyens.be
photo by: Philippe Brysse

studio: YYAA | yyaa.jp
photo by: Yoshihiro Yamamoto

studio: Clase BCN | www.clasebcn.com
photo by: Wai Lin Tse

studio: ph.2d arquitectos | www.ph2d.pt
photo by: worldspoon creative agency

studio: UNStudio | www.unstudio.com
photo by: Inga Powilleit

studio: Superstudio
© zanotta

studio: BUREAU A | www.a-bureau.com
photo by: Nicolas Haeni